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"Have you been searching for a consistent supportive community that offers value, variety and personality?"

What You Will Learn From This Presentation:

Secret #1

What Most People Are Lying About

Having spent over a decade of battling through the limiting beliefs and blocks of others I wish to teach you how to avoid these struggles. As many hold back the true value in their trainings to keep you always coming back for more. 

Secret #2

10 Most Talked About Topics Regarding Intuition

To help you understand the major techniques to help you instantly connect, build confidence as well as apply your awakened intuition within your everyday.

Secret #3

What You Need to Know About Intuitive Boundaries

This is a special additional bonus from me for you to help protect your energetic boundaries. As we have all been susceptible to having our energy drained by others, I will be explaining different forms of protection to help offer comfort through your intuitive connections.          


  • Watch This Presentation Before Deciding If An Intuitive Life Is For You...

    Extremely Limited Time Offer

    When joining "The Awakened Sisterhood" you are locked in at this price with a chance to avoid future price increases for you being a foundational member as we continue to grow.

    Welcome To The Awakened Sisterhood

    Hosted By Melissa Badine

    Easy To Use

    The membership site hosts a variety of content that holds opportunities to help you connect to your intuition. With new additional live trainings being shared each month with live Q&A coaching support. 

    Exclusive Community

    While being signed up for our membership you are also exclusively added to "The Awakened Sisterhood" Facebook group to help communicate and support each other on our journey. (Hidden bonuses inside.) 

    No Commitments Needed

    And never worry about being stuck with a contract or long term commitment as you are welcome to leave anytime.  As my goal is to make this so great you don't want to leave - but as life happens we understand.

    I want you to feel the day again and break through limitations.

    Here's what you should know:

    How does this membership site differ?

    It's not a stepping stone its the stone to get you the support you've been looking for. There are no extra costs or hidden fees once inside as I want you to relax and feel supported in your journey. To know you are also loved and the value you bring as a unique spiritual goddess will help inspire others. So your stories, experiences and lessons may help others. Which is why we want to have everyone utilize this as a networking and community service mindset with practical & applicable techniques for your own personal growth. 

    Is it for everyone?

    This membership sisterhood isn't for everyone if I'm being honest. As I wouldn't recommend this site for those who aren't ready to do the healing for themselves or others. As the focus is to heal the mind, soul and body to help connect each of us to our higher self. I'm here to help you, but are you ready? Are you ready to the work with over thousands of dollars worth of trainings and over a decades worth of experience not to mention the experiences of all my amazing mentors & teachers. See I can show you all the techniques, tools and tips but if you don't do the work - this is not for you. This group also isn't for you if you dislike positive communities with customized support, and yes there are people who don't like this

    ~ if that's you I wish you many blessings and continue scrollings. ;)

    My goals for you!

    To work through your past experiences and come out healed. While feeling supported through each step. To stop searching for workshops and find them all in one space. The goal of finding joy in connecting through raw human interactions. As I truly hold nothing back and wish to see the real you too. To feel empowered through expanding your knowledge, beliefs and personal truths. I also want you to reconnect to your own authenticity. As this sisterhood is to create, remind and share our uniqueness....

    My Promise to You

    Is to offer high value content that will be broken-down into a variety of formats: video, pdf and audio supports with live Q&A coaching. Not to put you to sleep like some trainings but inspire you to learn and possibly go ahead and teach with others what you resonate with...

    Meditations  Activations Teachings  Workbooks  Tools  Soul Journeys

    Also included in "The Awakened Sisterhood" community an exclusive community of women dedicated to their rising. Each month you will receive an invite to join the live monthly webinars/lives (support circle) also available on playback. You will also receive exclusive access to our events. 

    My spiritual toolkit is opened for your leisure; you'll also receive 20+ lesson plans and foundational tools straight away. From meditations and techniques that I know will help supercharge your spiritual connection to stay aligned throughout your body, mind and soul. 

    I've designed everything within this membership to be user friendly as well as quick to access and even if you are able to dedicate a couple hours a month, you'll be ecstatic with what a difference the monthly dedication to self can make. I'm so excited to see what will come possible for you and how your life will change when you prioritize taking care of your spirit.


    What's Included In The Membership?

    Spiritual tools at your fingertips Never before released meditations, channeled by Melissa's soul

    Affirmations, healings, meditations and tools at varying lengths (from 3-60 min) are included so you will always find something to assist you in raising your energetic vibration to assist in entering your body, mind and soul regardless of your schedules, commitments or struggles. 

    My masterclass topics such as; deep cellular healing introductions, how to assist in your own rise, intuitive & mediumship development tips, Akashic records, authenticity alignment among many more... 

    Discover techniques to help you tap into the wealth of knowledge you already carry not only from this life but past lives as well. All while further connecting to your Akashic records. 

    Powerful affirmations to help initiate your connection to the wisdom of your soul. While healing your mental, emotional and physical self. Network with other sisters committed to stepping up answering your all of their spirit alongside you.

    Spiritual tools at your fingertips

    Facebook Live and Webinar

    Monthly online circles (Facebook live or Webinar format) with playback opportunities. 


    Melissa's latest teachings

    Facebook community

    Access to the private VIP Facebook community "The Awakened Sisterhood" group.


    Audio meditations with varying themes. 

    Soul journey meditations. 

    Everyday practices with DIY breakdowns with beautiful rituals. 


    Melissa's toolkit becomes your spiritual toolkit.



     2 Q - How do I pay, Do you accept credit card? 

    A - You are able to pay through the credit card accepting format on the sales page following this pages links. 

    3 Q - What is included in "The Awakened Sisterhood"

      A - You receive immediate access to the membership site built to help you achieve success and confidence in your own growth. You will receive teaching materials in pdf, audio, visual formatted materials to help you on your journey as well as a supportive Facebook community to help you on your path as I believe in celebrating the success of others as well as offering opportunities to help you connect to your own success story through active engagement. The content is constantly growing so just stay tuned for additional goodies. 

    4 Q - How much notice is needed to join the membership? 

    A - None, as you are welcome to join anytime. But this sale price is only offered at this time. 

    5 Q - How often will I have contact with Melissa? 

      A - In the Facebook group you are welcome to message anytime. I do my best to respond within 72 hrs to ensure you are able to receive the answers you're searching for.

    6 Q - Do I need to complete homework in a set time frame? 

      A - Not at all, as everything is done at your own pace. You are welcome to take as many pauses or speed track your learning experience. 

    7 Q - How often are retreats as well as other learning experiences or workshops? 

        A - Within this membership group you will gain first hand access to all workshops prior to all others for all upcoming experiences and opportunities. The time frameworks vary each year as to the set amount of workshops as well as retreat opportunities. 

    8 Q - When are the live sisterhood support circles? 

       A - They are scheduled in the beginning of the month for the end of the month to give ample notice with varying time's all on MST. 

    9 Q - If I'm unfamiliar with Facebook can I still watch the videos? 

        A - Absolutely, as all materials in the membership site will be accessible there off from Facebook. The support group in facebook is to help us all connect, collaborate as well as celebrate each others wins to support our Awakened Sisterhood. 

    10 Q - When do I receive the new content on the hub? 

       A - By the 27th of each month you will have access to the new materials.  

    11 Q - Do I have time? 

          A - Your investment in time is completely up to you, as you are able to take each training individually or you are able to join the group and burn through all the trainings at once. 

    12 Q - What level of spiritual practice is this membership site for? 

           A - The Awakened Sisterhood is for all levels of intuition as each training is described and taught in a format to compliment everyone from beginner to advanced. As my belief is that we are all teachers and healers so by sharing everything in a teacher format you yourself may be inspired to then go off and share the content in your own circle. 

    13 Q - What is "The Rising Sister"? 

             A - She is the women who supported others the most that will be rewarded with social recognition as well as receive a free digital reading. As I want to reward and encourage a momentum of support in our sisterhood as I believe miracles occur in this energy and we all are here to share in this space.

    14 Q - If I cancel what will I remain access to?

              A - If you cancel you will still be able to hold access to the materials you've downloaded from our membership site but all previous access in the facebook group as well as the membership site will also be removed should you choose to leave. 

    15 Q - Is the Facebook group monitored?

       A - Absolutely, I will be in there engaged with all of you as well as my team to help moderate it if needed.  

    16 Q - What are the rules of "The Awakened Sisterhood" private Facebook group? 

         A - We invite every membership attendee to join in our private Facebook group with respect, kindness and support. We do not allow for bullying or spammed sales but we do host opportunities to join in each others communities under posts allowing you to share in our own businesses so we may all connect and support each other. There is a no negativity rule as our focus is to shift our mindset to allow space for positivity to enhance our manifestations and alignment within each of us, thus creating a high vibe energetic space that is incomparable to anything you've ever seen.  

    17 Q - Refund Policy? 

         A - As all materials are supplied within the membership instantly the refund is if you find the materials don't meet your expectations. So there is a no risk guarantee to joining our membership. You would just need to send our team an email so we may go through our files and find how we may best assist you personally. 

    18 Q - When will the membership open again? 

           A - As we are opening the doors for those who align with our mission we are focusing on holding the doors open for a exclusive time frame. This is to hold an intention that we may open the doors again at a later time but for a higher monthly investment vs. our current introductory rate. 

    19 Q - What are the terms and conditions? 

       A - The privacy of our members in our group is our utmost priority as holding respect and safety is the focus in our sisterhood: 

    For our terms to be a member of this community: 

    Is to allow the monthly investment to be paid for the energy exchange to be equal with all the benefits provided for within our membership. 

    At no time are you to contact or spam other members without their prior consent. 

    Advertising your business will only be permitted within launched posts supplied by Melissa Badine & team. (This is to prevent self promotion spam within our group). 

    Bring your authenticity as that is truly the only way you can be supported within this sisterhood and we invite you to hold space for an open mind to help your intuitive growth both as a psychic and as a medium. 

    For "The Awakened Sisterhood" conditions: 

    We invite you to share your authenticity! (In fact its honored)

    We will delete any negativity to ensure we are all able to function at the highest energetic vibrational state. 

    If you are found bullying or degrading towards any other individual you will be Kindly asked to leave as it will not be tolerated. 

    Our success relies on you doing the work and actions towards your goals, as we are not held responsible for those seeking instant benefits without doing the work and applying the techniques taught. 

    I believe each of us holds a gift, the question is are you ready to meet these conditions to help yourself succeed? 

    20 Q - Where will I find the recorded teachings? 

        A - You will be able to find the recorded webinars in your membership site and the Facebook lives within our private group for you to rewatch at your leisure. 



    Billed monthly, no set up fee.

    No contract with no commitment expected from you. 

    HTML5 / CSS3

    Responsive supportive facebook group included

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    Within our sisterhood you are welcome to leave anytime, although I don't know why you would want too. There are no contracts, no cancelation fees with 100% money back guarantee within your first 14 days. As we believe within The Awakened Sisterhood so much that I encourage you to find the teachings that resonate and you go on to share them elsewhere. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due like I do for my mentors. So the sisterhood can continue to create a supportive exciting environment for all. 

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